This guy who I feel is attracted to me had a choice to either text me, call me or ask to meet up in person. He asked to speak to me on the phone. Why?

He stares at me all the time so to take it further I texted him relating work. He could have replied to me via text but instead he sent a text saying he wants to talk to me on the phone to discuss the matter further. I was hoping he would ask us to meet up.


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  • Why not my dear?

    • Why not see me in person?

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    • There's a 50% possibility.

    • Hmmm

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  • You're over-thinking it. He simply used a more direct form of communication.

    • I guess I feel he is playing games because normally with other people her replies to text on the same day but he ignore my first text until a week later I sent a second text.