I want to do better in college?

I am doing pretty bad in community college and I have been there 3 years already. I want to do better and restart my life. Is it possible at 21 years old. Also, is it possible to restart college? Also, should I pursue my degree online or in person? I have social anxiety so I feel that online would be better so I can stop wasting time, but what do you guys think? I want to get my bachelors degree because I have a goal I want to achieve. Thanks!


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  • It's never too late. Now is as good of a time as any.

    Online is NOT better. You can't hide from your anxiety. You need to try to work through it. Maybe even go to therapy. You can't go through life hiding. How are you going to succeed or even get a job if you can't be around others? Anxiety can be dealt with and it can be worked on. It just takes a lot of time and patience and hard work.

    Maybe you can start with some online classes and one in person class and see how that goes. Start slowly. Don't give yourself more then you can handle at a time

    Good luck!


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  • It is always possible to restart and I am sure there are plenty of online options to further your education.


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  • I know plenty of people who screwed up college because they were either immature or didn't give it their all.
    Focus on each and every single class.
    Study or review everyday.
    Do it in person (the class)
    Some places don't accept online degrees.
    You have to overcome your social anxiety at some point in life.
    if you choose not to do it now... you'll have to do it later.
    Eventually it will come back to the same problem , so why not get it over with now?