What old school music do you like, that has been inspired by your parents?

My mum is a big fan of tears for fears and david bowie (amongst others) and as she was a stay at home mum, i grew up with that stuff. As a result, i still listen to the music that she used to play around the house. Is it the same for you guys?


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  • I will limit to 5 per genre
    Hip hop
    1. electric relaxation-tribe called quest
    2. cool like that-digable planets
    3. do for love -tupac
    4. pete rock- no more words
    5. Asheru- soul
    Classic Rock
    1. Boston more than feeling
    2. Bon Jovi- you give love a bad name
    3. Queen- we are the champions
    4. let it be - Beatles
    5. Foo fighters- the pretenders
    Rock and Roll
    1. Elvis-jail house rock
    2. Chuck berry-johnny b goode
    3. Rock around the clock-bill haley & his comets
    4. Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls of Fire
    5. The Marvelettes - Please Mr. Postman
    1. lacth-disclosure
    2. Avicii 'Levels' Skrillex Remix
    3. Benny Benassi - Satisfaction
    4. our hearts collide (iamsleepless original song
    5. Azari & III - Reckless With Your Love
    I could continue but this list is getting long.


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  • Elvis. My dad loved Elvis haha. Also some other things like Simon and Garfunkel and stuff. I can't remember all the names unfortunately...

  • Ya tears for fears is good, my mom also loves Madonna, red hot chili peppers, queen, Chicago. I grew up listening to these artists because of her and yes still listen today!

  • Jimmy Buffett, grew up listening to him and still listen to him to this day :)

  • the beatles.


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  • I personally listen mostly to old school music. I actually don't listen to a lot of contemporary music, because I just don't find it as good.
    The most important bands/singers I listen to because of my parents are:
    - The Beatles
    - The Doors
    - Bob Dylan
    - Leonard Cohen
    - Jimmie Cliff
    - Simon and Garfunkel
    - Cat Stevens
    - Jefferson Airplane
    - Led Zeppelin
    - Lynyrd Skynyrd
    My parents are both sort of typical ex-hippies (especially my mom). But there are also things they listen to that I don't like so much, such as ABBA and the Rolling Stones. And then there are old school bands that I listen to but my parents don't really like them, such as the Beach Boys, the Bee Gees, or Don McLean.

  • 80s FTW!!!

    musicmp3. ru/artist_the-fixx__album_reach-the-beach. html

  • I was raised on classic rock and I still love a lot of it.

    But I've actually moved much further old school than my parents ever were. I frequently enjoy jazz and blues music from the 20s and rag times, and my favorite music is bluegrass/old time.

  • I like Bowie, king crimson, velvet underground, moody blues though my parents never exposed me to velvet underground

  • None. My parents have terrible taste.. ugh

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