Why are government salaries so weird and make no sense?

For instance I was looking up what the Texas Rangers make, and this figure might be a few years old but it's pretty current regardless, and it said a Sergeant with 20 years experience would make $5,700 and change a month (plus you need 8 years of investigative based law enforcement experience BEFORE you even become a Ranger)

Meanwhile there are people who get jobs with the Governor's office because of their corrupt connections who can still be in their 20's and be making in excess of $100,000 a year. I don't understand that at all.

Fighting real crime in an elite unit deserves more pay than updating someone's social media accounts...


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  • It does not take high intelligence to be a sergeant which is why they make $5700 a month.

    It takes very high intelligence to get a job for the government. Most government jobs select their workers out of of thousands of qualified candidates.

    Pay is dictated by intelligence and reasonable dedication to the job and not by hard work or purely by dedication to the job.

    • You don't think it takes intelligence to be selected for the most elite law enforcement agency in a major state?

      Trust me... those people who work for people like him are not smart.

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  • Why does the president make only $500,000 when he is basically the most important person in the world. While NBA players that play 5 minutes a season get paid $900,000 to basically be irrelevant.

    • $400,000

      Because they have far more talent than BHO does?

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    • interesting, well back to your question. I dont think Texas Rangers are appreciated enough or soldiers , but thats life. everything isn't fair

    • Just saying these stupid people get these high paying political jobs. I would do better too if given a chanc e:(

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