Why do these people keep staring at me?

I go around my local shopping centre (or mall). It's really quiet there and mostly near empty during weekdays. But the people that work in the shopping centre (mall) almost always stare at me. I just don't get why they bother to keep looking. It's strange and bizare. It's also a little bit annoying. Why do you think they are doing this?

Thanks :)


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  • r they guys or gals?

    • Both that's what makes me ask. I seem to think that I stand out somehow. Maybe aliens will give us mind reading software so we can figure out why weird things happen lol

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  • i dont know but hate when people just fucking stare... like FUCKKKK stop looking at me.

    • I hate it as well. Some people just do it too much. I don't know what is wrong with society but most people do not seem to do a quick glance, in my area anyway. Quick glances are fine but repetitive staring is just irritating. One woman even looked at me and squinted. Come on. I'm not an animal in the zoo to goggle at thanks.

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    • Good idea. I am sorry it just gets so annoying for me. Because it's like... these people haven't seen a human in over 1,000,000 years and are like WOAH stare stare.

    • dont apologize I've been there it's annoying I've tried everything staring back, waving, talking, smiling, laughing cursing all of them may not work but i know one of them will. Hope i helped :)

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  • you're probably a stud like me.