American Sniper?

Who has seen the movie American Sniper? What did you think of it?

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I have noticed a few skeptics that think it's all Hollywood make believe. Do your homework and look him up on Wikipedia , very interesting stuff


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  • I thought it was okay. I kinda felt bad for the poor wife, being ditched for years, and I certainly sympathized with the soldiers who ranted about the pointlessness of the Iraq war. Going over to a country where we have no real interest... trying to make it a civilized nation that believes in democracy and freedom? Why? It's been just a few years and already it's back in total chaos and murder and mayhem. It's their way of life, or genetics, or whatever.

    An utter waste of American blood and money.

    • I honestly have to agree with you , his wife lived a tormented life while he was away. If they had actually been on the phone when that gun fight broke out she had to have almost had a heart attack

    • In my opinion it was never about anything other than oil

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  • Literally had me in tears. I thought it was a great movie

    • I was good with it up til the last 5 minutes. That was hard to keep my eyes dry

  • I mean it was well done, but taking someone with PTSD to a shooting range is like going quail hunting with Dick Cheney (read: A bad idea)

    I don't get what the fuck was so special about Chris Kyle compared to all the other men and women in the service. He supposedly renown for some heroic shit he put in a book which he actually probably totally made up

    • I must admit , all the men and women that have or are presently serving in any and all branches of service have my utmost respect. But in my opinion , to say he was nothing special is like calling a tornado a breeze

  • Propaganda overload!

    • I had to do my home work to be sure , look him up on Wikipedia , interesting read

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