Did any of you guys just automatically started approaching/paying for dates or were you conditioned to believe that you were supposed to?

Do so because you were told that's what males are supposed to do? Did you just wake up on your very first day of puberty and a alarm went off in your head and all you said to yourself, "Man I want to approach females and pay for dates!" I ask because some woman tried to tell me that guys biologically do this and its not a conditioned/learned belief.

Hopefully this question isn't too much for people lol!


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  • If you're asking if it's biological or not that's ridiculous. millions of years of evolution did not involve money at any stage. It's human conditioning nothing more.

    • I'm talking about modern times

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    • I don't know why she would think that.

    • Thanks for commenting brave soul.

  • I don't think she is as wrong as you think. think about it in the wild males compete for the females. to humans that becomes being able to support your partner and you show this as paying for the date

    • You mean men... women can make just as much or even more as men and still can demand to be taken care of and that's a shame because we are supposed to be all about equality.

    • personally I think that guys are complaining about "equal dating rights" because they are getting lazy

    • It has nothing to do with being lazy, Its about sharing advantages and opportunities. Men are good enough to share monetary and political power with women, why can't they share dating power which clearly favors them.

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