Why does no one love me?

I think syaing you love someone and showing it is two different things. I do not like my mom. She was going to abort me but it was too late. My childhood was not the greatets. On top of that many people in my family condone abuse and have unralistic expecations of children.
I am too scared to call the police for child abuse. I want to runaway but I have no where to runt oo. I just hate my life right now..


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  • If ur talking about abuse then tell someone, a friend, counselor, someone. Running away isn't good i did it when i was your age and its not good. Unless u got a lot of money u will be on the streets no where to sleep shower recharge phone wash clothes its not good


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  • Just go to one of your friends houses and sleep over like I do when my dad got drunk


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  • I can't speak for other people, but considering human nature, I’d guess that it’s not that your family doesn’t love you but simply that they are not in an internal position to show you that you are loved. For whatever reason, they are not capable of loving you the right way and giving you a love that doesn’t hurt.

    As much as it sucks, that is not in your control :( You don’t possess the power to redirect people’s feelings and actions, nor do any of us. All you can do is LOVE YOURSELF. Be patient, kind, courteous, and loving to yourself. Learn to appreciate and highly value every physical and mental trait about you. Commit your time to positivity and peace. Lose yourself in books, poems, art, music, and the wanders of the world. Focus on being an educated, happy, progressive human being and not a depressed one. Do not saturate in the toxicity of others. It also may help to see your school counselor so that she/he can really give you some in-depth help and put you on a plan, set some goals for you to get to a better place.
    Show yourself love. Know that you are beautiful, worthy, magnificent, wonderful, amazing, and anyone who can’t see it is most likely blind to a lot of wonderful things in this world.