How to get used to driving?

I got my permit a year ago and am working towards getting my driver's license but what's holding me back is my own uncomfortableness with driving. I wouldn't say I'm SCARED of driving, and I know I'm an okay driver, it's just that when I drive I feel sort of on edge. I have to be hyper-alert and hyper-aware of everything that's going on around me... plus just the pressure of having an entire vehicle in my control. My body is really tense when I drive and my mind is on overdrive.

I have friends who haven't been driving much longer than me but are already super comfortable and confident behind the wheel. I want to be like that and not be stressing behind the wheel.


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  • Practice and go out with people who are calm backseat drivers.

    They can tell you if you're doing good and help keep an eye out, you may just need reassurance and an extra eye to feel safe.