Why is my iPhone asking for a payment for free apps such as countdown app?

So for things like updates I know some require payment but for things like countdown to holidays a free app meant to be asking for verification an a payment an I downloaded it last week for free with no issues week later it's saying to pay :(


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  • My iPhone did the same when I tried to download the KIK app. Maybe it needs to go though that screen for verification of who you are. I did not end up downloading KIK just incase I was charged.

    • It already did when I first bought it

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    • Your welcome, sorry I could not be more help. Why I got a down vote for this is rather stupid lol

    • It's ok lol aha

  • Iphones are so shit everybody knows that :/

    • Lol yeah that totally answers question βœ‹πŸΌπŸ˜

    • Thats the answer get something better lol

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