Is it strange I go to the gym at a time where there is no women about?

i normally go during the day when everyone is at work and the gym is empty but i go during the day so i can avoid contact with women, because im one of thoes that falls too quickly for them and i just come to the point i can't be arsed with them no more and happy being alone


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  • r u shy around gals?

    • yeah kind of mate, but i dont bother with any of them now dont give time or day! i dont want it to sound like im being a prick or nout either!! but i have been hurt a good few times now and thought enough is enough and call it a day! i dont talk to any women at all now! unless its on here and im giving advice or to see things from a womans perspective

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    • don't b shy man... they won't devour u :p

    • I've just come to that point i really can't be arsed no more lol I've been alone all this time anyway and i got used to my own company too much

  • You go to the gym for a workout or fishing?

    • work out of course! if i wanted to pull id go to a club or a pub

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