After watching this video, did you laugh?

It's only twelve seconds long, so don't panic. It's a video of an interview of Charles Manson from several years ago. I cracked up laughing the first time I watched it, as I do with most Charles Manson videos.

  • Yes, I laughed and thought it was hilarious!
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  • Yes, I laughed but I didn't think it was THAT funny
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  • No, but I almost laughed
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  • No, I didn't laugh and I didn't even come close to laughing
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@BelleGirl21 You were honest and we always have a good discussion. Thanks!


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  • I didn't come close to laughing lol. See children? Stay away from drugs!

    • The crazy thing is, I'm pretty sure Charles Manson is now sober, since prisons are very strict on his freedom. He's just... insane! Lol.

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    • Thanks for mh! Love you lots! 😘

    • Do you love me more than that guy at the gym who would romantically cat-call you?

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