Turned on by working men.. guessing i'm not the only one, hopefully?

Like a guy putting up a shelf. Working on some important paper. Cooking. Usually where it isn't quite a good time to disturb, i have trouble keeping my hands to myself...

Anyone else can relate?

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  • I totally get why this would turned on. It is because it makes them look manly and that is what is doing it for you. Does it have to be a man you know or a boyfriend or do you get turned on if you walk past a group of men working on a building site and things like that to?

    • I can feel it in both situations. But at a much higher volume when it is my bf/someone i have a crush on. =)

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    • My conversation with him was what made me want to ask. :)

    • Well he knows what to do to turn you on. He will probably make the most of it the next time he is installing a shelf or something. :)

  • I believe there would be quite a few girls who feel this way.


What Girls Said 1

  • TOTALLY! lazy and overly relaxed men are a TURN OFF to me.

    • Well, i wouldn't say its a turn off, but its not really helping anything. :P

    • personally they annoy me. Like when they are supposed to do something, or there's a problem and they just keep on flirting and joking.

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