What causes someone to be a slow talker?

I've always been a slow talker because I want to make sure that I'm getting my message across without causing any future misunderstandings. Also I don't want to say something that might hurt someone else unintentionally so I guess I'm overly cautious when giving an opinion or something. A lot of people think it's a reflection of my intelligence (that I'm not an overly bright person) which really hurts my feelings when I think about it. What causes someone to be a slow talker/communicator? Why do some people talk really quickly while others have to take a minute to pick their words and form a complete sentence? I don't think it's my intelligence level that causes me to be a slow talker. Does it have anything to do with what people trained themselves to do from a young age? It took me longer than normal to learn how to talk so maybe that has something to do with it? My sister is a very fast talker so I'm surprised that we're so different when it comes to how we choose to communicate verbally. Is it something we can learn to consciously control? Thanks in advance and perhaps you can share some of your own experiences if you want :)


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  • Its probably because you choose your words carefully. Thats a sign of intelligence if you ask me. Plus its not about speed its about the quality of what you say.

    • Thanks for answering :) It just really bothers me that I'm slow, lol. What kind of talker are you? :)

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    • Hey thanks for the MHO.

    • No problem! It was good advice/feedback :)

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  • You are thinking deeply about what you are saying

    • Yup, lol :) You didn't answer all my questions though? :)

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