Like a girl but may never see her again?

I just finished high school and i like this girl, a lot, and she is going to a different college than me and I'm really sad and depressed about it. She is really funny, like seriously, "wanna know what I've been thinking about over the weekend? what if birds had human legs? like they'd be life size human legs, like what if we just cut off our torso and BAM bird. they'd just be flying around, taking people out with their legs. like can this happen? will it happen? when will it happen? has it happened? is the government hiding something from us?" yeah she said that once xD but yeah I don't want to lose touch with her and I'm just really sad. any ways i can keep us talking? she is going into the military and that'll be hard. (yes I'm a lesbian and she's straight :/)


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  • The have Skype and email etc. After basic training. U might want to tell her how u feel before she leaves

    • i told her how i feel today and she started crying saying "oh my gosh i hate saying this but i don't feel that way about you" and then she hugged me... I don't know

    • Well then u got ur answer, not the one u wanted but at least u know. did u say that u could still be friends?

    • yeah she did

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  • Can't you try keeping in contact with her through social media?

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