Does anyone have any cool things from fiction?

Do you have any cool stuff from books/films/TV? It can be full on cosplay stuff or just subtle things.
Personally, I have the One Ring on a chain. I've been wearing it to my exams and now I feel like I've just screwed myself over by doing that. Not that I'm a believer in luck or anything, it's just for fun really. Oh well, I guess it's my personal good luck charm, even if it IS meant to contain the cruelty, malice and will to dominate all life of a poweful Maia :)

Thanks for any responses :D


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  • I have plushes of Eevee and Vaporeon plushes (planning on getting the full set of eeveelutions), a Sylveon charm and a figurine of mega-Banette from Pokemon. Apart from that I have a necklace that's half of one of the Zelda health hearts, and my boyfriend has the other half to it. I also have a dango from the anime Clannad. I think that that's about it.

    • Cool! I plan on getting a pokemon plush at Comic con in October. I want an entei :P

    • My nearest con is November. I plan on getting Sylveon then.

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