I was at the mall today and these two girl were looking at me the whole time and when I left giggling.. why are they doing that to me?

I was at the mall and in all honesty i have social anxiety so i didn't want to go but i had to get something and my parents weren't home so i was forced to go. I wanted to get in and out asap but i got caught looking at some stuff. So i was leaving the mall and these 2 girls, (pretty good loooking i would say). So what i want to know is why were they staring at me and even talking to each other? like i didn't bother them or anything and were they making fun of me? i was wearing normal cloths and my hair was not messy and i acted normal so why would they do that to me? It creeped me out cause again i have social anxiety and i think they were making fun of me. Were they or am i wrong?

Anybody else?


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  • How are you sure they were talking about you?


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  • They were looking at ur but or package and just being silly girls, stop bein so paranoid

    • uh what? they were like the same age as me (20). How do you know this?