Do you or someone you know suffer from "mobile fobia" and do you hate it?

I known several people guys and girls and to be honest I really dislike it. I mean is like the phone is more important than the person. For instance I have seen guys or girls at work that they take their mobiels to the bathrooms, they can't stop not having it with them, is like the phones are glued to their bodies. Also when it is lunch time at work, and we want to be free from work and relax a bit during hta tlunch hour like to interact, with each other. They take their phones to lunch so they do this,: eat, check the phone (eitehr to chat to browse Facebook, etc), eat again, talk to the person, eat again and then again the phone and so on.

My brother in law when he is at home he is paying more attention to the phone rather than the people around him when we are like having some coffee and eat.

For me that is very unpolite if people do that. I know this is modern times and the use of technology is important, but that does not replace the face to face coimmunication, the person is not a gadget or an object to be treated with such unpoliteness. I dont care if youa r a teenager or a 50 yrd old person.

I did not mean fobia but addiction


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  • hmmmm no i don't think i suffer from it :|


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  • A phobia is a fear of something. If "mobile phobia" was a thing, it would mean that those people wouldn't want to be anywhere near a mobile phone.


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