Should listening to loud music and minding your own business be against the law?

Should cops be allowed to kill you for minding your own business or should you be permitted to go on trial?

  • Instant death is warranted
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  • Put the person on trial
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  • Maybe let people live their life in peace?
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Yes surely social awareness questions should be avoided and Caitlyn Jenner is more important than what is happening in America.
Update need male best answer


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  • lol how about C!

    • Excellent choice. Next time we order pizza you pick the toppings.

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  • If trials continue to fail to stop irritating behavior that interrupts others' lives and the offender won't move away to the countryside, then a bullet would save everyone grief, time, cash.

    • I ate a fried snail yesterday.

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  • This fool deserved to be shot. But as it pertains to your question, no, because the economy can't sustain all the $40,000/inmate in the prisons.

    • Yes not being able to hear from listening to music and not breaking the law is the perfect reason to be shot.