80s music poll: Your favorite album by Thompson Twins?

Yeah sure one of my top 10 fav bands ever!!!

Every album by them was gr8, but mostly their 3 classic albums they released durin mid 80s (Quick Step and Side Kick, Into The Gap, Here's To Future Days)…they were both gr8 in dance-able tracks, and in ballads as well.

  • A Product Of...
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  • Set (aka In The Name f Love)
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  • Quick Step & Side Kick
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  • Into The Gap
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  • Here's To Future Days
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  • Close To The Bone
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  • Big Trash
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  • Remember a couple of their singles - Didn't know them that well to distinguish their albums apart.

    • they had pretty good danceable singles like "Love On Your Side","Lies" or "Don't Mess With Dr. Dream"... or ballads like "Hold Me Now" (their biggest hit) and "Doctor! Doctor!"

      all of em were pretty much big, back then :D

  • I only have C n D and Into the Gap was the one with all the better known singles. Hold Me Now, Doctor Doctor... So I went with D.

    • my fav song from this LP would b "Storm On The Sea" though. it resembles Duran Duran's song "Seventh Stranger" pretty much

  • hate em all

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