How should I start off a travel writing video?

Ok, so, I want to get into doing travel writing and hotel reviewing (I wanna get into doing a lot of things) but this sounds more interesting to me and I really think that my writing skills are good enough for the job. I not only want to write about all the things you can do in my town, but I also want to get a video of it as well. The thing is, I dont know how to start it off... and was wondering if you can give me some ideas on how to start it off besides saying "OK, we are at Glimmer Glass..." and then go on to going into detail about it. I mean I can start off with saying where I am and where I will go to next, however, I was looking for a cath pharase or something like that. I've never shot a video before and plan on using it for my sample to go with my resume for featuture travel writing careers. The reason why I want to take video is to not only look back on it to write my aticle, but I also want to use it to show people around as well. I guess my question is, how should I start it off? My friend suggested putting the video on youtube as well. Any advice would be great! Also, does it have to be really proffessional like a documentary, or no?

  • Start off by introducing yourself and then go on to say where you are.
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  • Don't introduce yourself verbally, do it in words at the bottom of the screen. And also type the name of the place you are visiting
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  • introduce yerself basically. but don't say much, just yer name's enough :)


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  • I don't know how to start it off.

    But I would advise you to make short segments, but make them very regularly, e. g. one per day.

    That way, you make it into a habit, and you keep learning all the time, so the quality will gradually go up.

    If you only do it once a month, but obsess over it, you learn less, I think. :)

    Really cool idea anyway, I wish you the best of luck, and kudos for following your dream.

  • I voted A sounds like fun enjoy :) just have fun with it and goof off when making the video you have to make yourself comfortable around the camera otherwise it will feel awkward.

  • take a journalism course and tourism and travel. its more than just "I'm ____ in ____ because you also have to introduce the viewer to all the attractions & amenities in the areas, because not everybody wants to hang around a hotel all day for the entire length of their stay.


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  • Start off with why you're at the place and why you picked it. What things made you want to give it a try out of any other places?