Why is he doing this?

Ok so my ex an me are still friends because we started that way. But one day he message me telling me he misses me and he starts calling me baby and babe but he told me he didn't want to get back together so I got so confuse but we decided to keep being friends so I get a boyfriend and then I tell my ex because were friends and so a week after I told him I had a boyfriend he message me and tells me he wishes me and him could have sex. And he keeps telling me that and calling me sex. And out of all of this he dumpted me. So why does he keep saying this like that to me and confuse me?


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  • He, just want to have sex with you and hoping you feel the sane, but your reaction to it makes him , try and seem as if he never brought it up, but I say put him in his pmace, it's do he want you or not , then tell him not to come at you that way anymore.

    He may also think that you guys , have an relationship where he can say things like that to you. You have to tell him it should always stay in an friends zone.


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  • It sounds like he's not sure what he wants. He might be regretting your guys' breakup or just jealous to see you with someone else because he wants you back :))