Is there's anything important that I need to know before moving to a shared accommodation " with guy" ? what's the cons and pros of that, please help?

I will move to a shared accommodation after 2 weeks, the owner of the house has told me that i will live with 5 guys i have a room there. This is hard but it will help me to pay for my bills and other stuff, besides i need to save some money so i have no other choice. I want to know if there's something important that i need to know or if there's any cons or pros to live with guys please let me know and be honest. I'm 19 and i haven't meet them yet but i'm kinda worried you know. i'm still a student but i have a job and i'm doing my best to live a good life.
i will really appreciate your help.
Thanks :)

i hope someone would help me with this :)


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  • It's fun ;)

    • oh really? in which way?

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    • Really? I'm just telling you the truth, and you will see that I was right when you move there am I right? @ForTheRide


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  • From my experience, guys are MESSY! but the biggest concern would be your safety. Do you know these guys at all? Are you moving into a place where they already live or are they coming to where your going to live?

    just think of the worst case-
    Im sorry but if 5 guys wanted to gang rape you then you wouldn't be able to stop them.

    Id prefer to live with guys I know and if not then see if you and a really good friend or boyfriend (male) can come live there too then maybe you could have a house mate that you dont know. Honestly though, I dont like the sound of it.

    • Honestly i don't know them and they live there already. i just can't stay in my house anymore it's too expensive and i'm having a trouble with money these days so i have to stay there until i'm ready to find another house.

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    • thank you so much

    • You are not helping her like that !

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