What new video format will become dominant, UHD or Cinema 4K?

The contenders for the next movie/video/screen format seem to be UHD and Cinema 4K. Both are often just called "4K" these days, even if that's not correct. UHD is 3840x2160. Cinema 4K is 4096x2160 and typically 24 fps for movies (as opposed to 23.976 fps or 25 fps).
There are blu-rays, but we barely have decent quality 1080p in streaming (there's often 1080p videos in shitty bitrate quality, with noticable flaws). We don't have it at all in broadcast TV in the US, if anyone still even watches that. So they're pushing this "4K" stuff probably just to sell us the same movies again in another lame disc format. Regardless, it could turn into a fight like VHS vs Betamax or Blu-ray vs HD-DVD, so which will win?
Asking about both the TV screen types and any video disc standard attached to it. Historically, the streaming standards have followed these, but in the future it could be the other way around. Although probably not any time soon, because the overall internet speeds in the US are one of the worst in a developed nation.
I personally would hope that any 24 fps movie format would take over, because the NTSC vs PAL stuff we have now is annoying.

  • UHD (3840x2160)
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  • Cinema 4K (4096x2160 w/ 24 fps for movies)
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  • Other, 8K/QUHD/higher
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  • Hopefully not 4096x2160. They need to stop already with these excessively high aspect ratio formats. I guess they are okay if all you want to do is watch movies, but the problem is that the same aspect ratio is bound to filter down into computer monitors, smartphones, etc, for which it is totally unsuitable.
    Plus, just the fact that there are now so many different formats being used, makes it almost inevitable that whatever you watch, you'll be wasting a large portion of your screen due to letterboxing / pillarboxing.


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  • 4k for now

  • d'uh the best one obviously