What does your diet consist of? What do you eat and drink on a daily basis?

Are you happy with your diet? Do you want to improve it?


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  • I'm still in a process of losing some extra little somethin'-somethin', so my diet is super clean right now.

    I eat a lot of fruits. Oranges, bananas, blueberries, mangoes, strawberries, apples, avocados, figs, and watermelon are things that I have several days a week.

    And I eat lots of different raw greens, like romaine and baby lettuces, as well as kale (I only juice it or eat it cooked--too bitter and astringent by itself).

    Then I also have a lot of legumes; pinto beans and black beans, cashews, chickpeas.

    And I do have eggs or turkey once or twice a week. If I can get SUPER fresh fish, then I'll eat that too.

    To drink, I occasion have almond milk, I drink a shit ton of all kinds of tea, and I drink a LOT of water.

    I think about food a lot.

    • That sounds amazing! You are extremely healthy!

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    • I should have qualified that--it's because they inhibit medication for my thyroid.

      Eat more cruciferous veggies, people!!! :)

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  • Eat?
    EGGGGS and COOKIES and RICE and HUMMUS which I don't eat enough of sadly.



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    • Ah! Don't! It was a comedy movie, totally fake and disgusting lmaoo

    • @PeachSunset
      Well damn
      I am open to everything so I don't know lol

  • In the morning generally a sandwich with a cup of coffee. The continental breakfast :-)
    At noon a "baguette" (the French breads, about 10 inches long) with ham, cheese,...
    In the evening generally a warm meal. Can vary but I'm more into meat than fish.
    And pasta is my favourite :D
    What do I drink? About 3 liters of water. From time to time a cup of coffee - to stay awake haha 8)

  • Drink - I make a fruit smoothie with various of different fruits in the morning, water and tea throughout the day.
    Eat - different veggies for different days and for meats it's usually eggs, chicken breast, fish or shrimp.

    I do have 1 cheat day every Friday though.

  • My died consists of

    Daily consumption
    Around 140-260 grams of protein per day
    Around 267.5 grams of carbs per day
    Around 66 grams of healthy fat per day
    Around 2,100 calories per day

    My daily consumption and absorption vitamin and mineral wise per day through the use of my special multivitamin and supplements

    Triumph Multivitamin
    Vitamin A 900 mcg per day
    Vitamin B12 600 mcg per day
    Vitamin B9/Folic Acid 200 mcg per day
    Vitamin B6 30 mcg per day
    Vitamin B5/Pantothenic Acid 100 mg per day
    Vitamin B3/Niacin 100 mg per day
    Vitamin B7/Biotin 300 mcg per day
    Vitamin B2/Riboflavin 20 mg per day
    Vitamin B1/Thiamin 30 mg per day
    Vitamin C 90 mg per day
    Vitamin D 2,000 IU per day
    Vitamin E 50 IU
    Vitamin K1 500 mcg per day
    Vitamin K2 100 mcg per day
    Zinc 30 mg per day
    Iodine 225 mcg per day
    Copper 1,000 mcg per day
    Magnesium 375 mg per day
    Selenium 25 mcg per day
    Chromium 200 mcg
    Aged Garlic Extract 600 mg per day
    Grape Seed Extract 150 mg per day
    N-Acetyll-Cysteine 250 mg per day
    Olive Leaf Extract 80 mg per day
    Lavender Powder Extract 160 mg per day
    Rhodiola Rosea 100 mg per day
    Bacopa Monnieri 330 mg per day
    Ashwagandha Root Extract 500 mg per day
    Terminalia Arjuna 500 mg per day
    Cissus 31.25 mg per day
    COQ10 90 mg per day
    Fucoxanthin 8 mg per day
    Zeaxanthin 6 mg per day
    Lutein 6 mg per day

    Hormone free and Undenatured Whey Protein Powder
    Protein 22 grams per serving
    Leucine 4.0 grams per serving
    Calcium 111 grams per serving

    Recharge, Muscle Growth & Recovery Agent
    Creatine Monohydrate 5 grams per serving
    L-carnitine L-tartrate 2.1 grams per serving
    Corosolic acid comes of the Banaba plant 10.8 servings

    Pulse Pre-Workout Energy and Endurance
    Caffeine 350 mg per serving
    L-Theanine 350 mg per serving
    Citrulline Malate 8 grams per serving
    Ornithine 2.2 grams
    Beta-Alanine 4.8
    Betaine 2.5 grams

    A single pot or two of high quality Silver Rain, White Leaf, White Chinese tea which gives me these benefits

    White Tea Antioxidants ( high amount )
    Cancer Prevention
    Lower Blood Pressure
    Lower Cholesterol
    Heart Protection
    Stronger Bones
    Antibacterial & Antiviral Antioxidants ( high amount )
    Healthy Teeth and Gums
    Healthy Skin
    Reduced Blood Sugar
    Alleviates the symptoms of Diabetes
    Reduces stress and increases energy
    Stroke Protection
    Strengthened Circulatory and Immune systems

    I eat daily

    Meat ( pork, ham, fish etc )
    Vegetables ( all kinds )
    Wheat/Grain (bread, muffins etc )
    Dairy ( cheese etc )

    • In addition to that I often have a glass of V8 or some other fruit/vegetable or just regular fruit juice, like cranberry which I usually mix with fresh lime juice. I also drink about a gallon of fresh, clean water per day.

      And I drink 2-6 cups of black coffee per day which grants me the following benefits

      A large amount of antioxidants

      My 5 cups a day I gain a 12% reduction in risk of death by heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, diabetes, and even infections and injuries and accidents.

      It makes me happier and fights off depression giving me a 23% reduced chance for depression and 53% reduced chance for suicide

      Improves strength, muscle endurance, and anaerobic performance, as well as reverse the “morning weakness” experienced by many weightlifters and, last but not least, speed up fat loss.

      4+ cups of coffee per day were 30% less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes.

      15% less likely to develop colon/liver and rectal cancers

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    • I feel like I just took a fast paced nutrition class.. just by reading all of that lmao

    • Hehe doesn't surprise me it felt like a nutrition assignment just writing it, but then again nutrition and bodybuilding is very scientific and precise and requires constant attention to many, many things lol.

      P. S. sorry for the boring comment lol ( got to go all out or not at all )

  • I only drink water and I eat mostly fruit, vegetables, and meat. I eat all 3 of those types of food almost everyday

    • Good diet. :)

    • Thanks. I don't intentionally try to eat healthy though. I am just the pickiest eater ever and I actually like those foods.

  • Whatever is around and I gauge healthy or energy-providing. I usually drink water, black coffee or random clearance soda I buy.

  • I'm... Very unhealthy.
    I can't even tell you what I eat.

  • I don't really watch my diet other than avoiding sugary stuff as much as I can.


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  • Oh let me see...
    Ice cream, chocolate, instant microwave food, candies, more ice cream, the list goes on.
    Thank God for my fast metabolism or else every time I walk down a hall way kids would start screaming, and be like "SHE CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL". This has actually happened with a 700 pound teacher at my old school who ran down the hallway to get all the itty bitty 6th graders in a line.
    This is me every day, I really need to fix my appetite, before my metabolism slows down, its a miracle i'm this skinny...

  • I have a pretty low-key diet, I never have crazy meals or anything like that, I just eat the most casual foods, I'm vegetarian too. And I drink orange/tropical fruit juice everyday cause I can't live without it. Overall, I'd like to eat healthier cause I eat a lot of shit but I don't have the willpower to.

    • lol I swear... ever since I became a vegetarian I feel like I've been eating more than usual. I hate it.

    • @asker: do you take enough calories and stomach filling as vegetarian. Vegetarian does not mean having a need to eat more normally. I don't have anyway (see my answer above)

  • plenty of water and homemade food

  • I don't really diet, I just eat healthy. Lots of fruit for breakfast. And lots of vegetables for the other meals. And for the rest, healthy carbs, enough to give me energy for my sports and few proteins to feed my muscles and to keep my iron on level.

    • And yes, during the day I drink plenty of water and some tea or coffee (black !!!)

  • Green smoothie. Fruit. Occasional cookie or chip. And then the possibilities are endless on cheat day.

  • At this point I call it a good day when I eat two whole meals. Of course I wish things were better but my system is all messed up thanks to the ridiculously high pollen count. I would like to cut more sugar and oil though.

  • A typical day.. Keep in mind, I'm a hclf vegan.

    Start off the morning with 1liter of h2O and make some nice cream (6 frozen bananas, vanilla extract and a bit of water blended) If I have cacoa powder, I put that too! Or I sometimes add spinach and Kale. Or if I want something simple half a water melon.

    Snack: 3: apples or mangoes, or however mamy strawberries I'd like.

    Lunch: A huge salad: Romain lettuce, rice, chipeas tometoes, green/red/yellow peppers, avocado... whatever I feel like including.

    Snack: If I feel like it, a green smoothie or more fruits.

    Dinner: rice with tons of veggies (carrots, beets potatoes , sweet potatoes , broccoli etc) with a low sodium sauce to go wirh the rice.

    I'm usually not hungry anymore so my day ends there..

  • I mostly drink on a daily basis. Usually green tea.

    I eat like, one meal a day. Because I'm poor. And it's usually either pasta or tuna. Unless it's a day where I feel like splurging and spending money I don't have, then I'll get something from Panera or Empire Buffet.

  • Absolute rubbish. I was doing my exams; so I didn't have time to cook dinner everyday. I found myself ordering a lot of take out.
    But I'm done now and I'm placing a junk food ban on my household... I want us to eat healthy.

  • I eat Taco Bell and drink apples in juice form on a daily basis.

  • I try to stay under 1000 yes I'm skinny and intend to stay like this

  • Breakfast if I even eat it. I usually eat chocolate chip waffles with peanut butter, yogurt, apples, pineapples or a fruit smoothie.
    For lunch usually a turkey sandwich with a salad I also love to eat celery/broccoli/string beans with ranch dip too.
    Then I cook for dinner usually, Jambalaya, Grilled chicken with rice, I love grilling shrimp, shrimp poboys, shrimp soup or quesadillas.
    For drinks I drink lots of water, I drink 1 fountain drink dr pepper a day, a couple of glasses of cranberry juice, ginger ale or cream soda sometimes.

    I would love to stop drinking that dr pepper a day obviously lol and I eat out a couple days a week sometimes, I would like to stop doing that too.