Is it me or does the beauty in this Robert Plants video make you weak at the knees?

Beauty has its way with me and I could stare at at this beauty all day and night and never stop. Is it just me or does she make you weak at the knees?


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  • Well, anything from the classic rock era makes me weak at the knees. Even Ann Wilson

    • How about the girl in this video though? Here's another one that gets me weak at the knees check it out especially the scenes toward the end camera closeups what a beauty. It's also one of my favorite songs by Robert Plant since Zepplin dismantled.

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    • She's no spring chicken but that angelic voice and her acceptence of her body just does it for me

    • You're right she has a voice that has never failed. As far as looks though I couldn't say I haven't seen her in so many years.

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