Double Questions? Have you been blocked by someone for no reason? If you do this to others , Will you view yourself as a Creepy/Creep too?

I've gone through this, a few times, All I feel is people always afraid of others for no reason, And thinking others as a creepy guy/girl. They don't even try get to know you , Just put you/him/her in the blocks, Then they feel better and safe, I think those people just insecure! You never feel sorry for them?( Those people you put in the blocks, But actually they are Innocent, Just because you think they are creepy!


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  • Yes, I have been blocked many times for no fault of mine. Ad I don't give a hoot about them. Such people mean absolutely nothing to me.

    No, I haven't blocked anyone for no reason. I'm not an immature teen anymore, to indulge in such petty activities.


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  • i NEVER block someone for no reason but have had people do it to me. i dont give a damn lol, I'm not here to win anyone's approval. if u like me, awesome xx, if u dont, that's fine.

    • I like you before, But you don't likes me anymore, That's not fine to me!

    • okay. I'm sick of anon guys complaining to me. ur like the 3rd one chucking a fit.

    • I complaining because you don't even give me a reason, Also because before we're firends, And talk to each other, But fine, I'll let you go, You're free now!

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