Not the way it was supposed to be?

i feel like things aren't the way i was told they were growing up and its just frustrating. i already have depression and anxiety issues but im hearing people talk. and i just dont like how things are , im not sure if there lying and im just being stupid, or growing up and even now i was lied to. for just one example im not a sexual person and its not suposed to be a problem but im now weird and there's none else like me or girls. thats just one example, and they varry to many topics.

i jus dont know what to do. simply chaging isn't going to hapen easy,

and i dont like things are and dont want to deal with it, feels so wrong and so empty.


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  • its called growing up.


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  • all the most important things in life aren't easy. it's worth the struggle and the extra effort to change so you can be happy!


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