Who's going out (or has gone out) on this Friday night and what was the outfit of your choice?

Friday night is often the day to go out - to a party or a restaurant - to relax after a week of work or studying.
Do you (did you) have any plans?
Describe the outfit you chose for the opportunity.
I'm not going out but I forgot the stress of the week by doing some sports (home trainer) to sweat it out.
It's extremely hot here (32°C today = 90°F). So my outfit for the night is a T-shirt without sleeves and a short.


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  • Does taking the kids to a church barbecue count lol? I'm wearing my hair up with an orange blouse with blue and gold dots, dark skinny jeans and ballet flats. Don't y'all be too jealous ;)

    • Haha we're jealous about that barbecue. Yum yum yum :D

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    • I'd wear that skirt! (Not the shirt lol) :)

    • Yeah I remember we were visiting a whisky plant in Scotland, and our guide was a young girl. She had a white shirt on, a similar skirt to this one, black tights and red pumps.
      It was a very pretty, classy look!

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  • I was supposed to go out tonight. But not anymore lol.

    • Long time no hear - remember us joking about agent 008?
      Nice to hear you again. And what happened that your plans to go out failed?

    • haha hey!!
      And I had plans for my brothers birthday dinner. But not anymore. He'd rather do it tomorrow. So I'm just chilling tonight.

    • Oh I see! Enjoy it and speak to you later :-)

  • Just going over to my parents house to maybe drink a bit. So leggings and a tshirt

  • My sister's and, I have been going out for two weeks straight. We were going to go to the movies and, out to eat today with her husband but, we decided that were going to get some movies and, order pizza at home.

    • I guess it must have made fun... didn't all that pizza have it's consequences on the size of your clothes?

    • No haha I haven't been eating pizza all week, today will be the first. Well, now I think we are going out.

  • Going out with a friend on their sailboat later tonight. Ill be wearing shorts, t-shirt and deck shoes :)

    • Oh that sounds nice and adventurous! You'll be back when you read this but I hope it was a special experience :D

    • It was a beautiful night, nice calm seas :)

    • Good to hear!

What Guys Said 4

  • definetely not... i'd rather stay in :|

    • Haha me too... this hot weather is now leading to thunderstoms on their way through Belgium.
      I don't want to get any hailstones on my head :o :o

  • Personally, I would go to a hookah bar. Since thats mainly where most of my friends would go to have a great time.

    • Haha never heard it... just enter by the backdoor and enjoy :-)

  • I went to the pub for a couple of drinks with my work colleagues. That is all.

    • That's something I also like to do! I have a good bond with a few collegues so having a good chat after work, once every few weeks, is a nice experience :D

  • Brother and I are heading down to a martial arts school (we don't attend) for sparring, haha.

    Short shorts (for kickboxing) and a tank top is all I'm wearing, bruddah.

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