Who's side are you on?

who's side are you on?

Crazy and dangerous things have been going on in the world. Superhumans and Beings alike Have allowed many people to die due to recklesness or lack there of.
Having superhumans register will help keep a track and detain any that will rouge to prevent more deaths. However, superhumans will be monitored 24/7. If any superhuman refufueses to register or go against the policey they will contained or possible be put on death row.

Captain America believes it tarnishes freedom and not all superhumans are reckless so it would be unfair for those that are relible.

Iron Man wants superhumans to resgister for safety because there have been way too much recklessness as of late. If every superhuman can be tracked it will be easier to monitor them to avoid the extreme.

THOR wants no part of it. He doesn't want to go against either fellow Avengers.

  • Captain America Anti-Registration
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  • Iron Man Pro Registration
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  • THOR - Unwilling to choose a side of two close friends
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  • *Whose



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  • Civil War was a terrible storyline honestly, m8. Like I get people are excited to see it in film form, but you have to understand that those people have poor taste.

  • I thought it was established that Captain America, is not wearing American Flag. Its Puerto Rican.