How do I stop feeling like this?

So this is going to seem really stupid but I have OCD and over the last week I was ocding over how this girl I dont like saw the logo of my favourite hockey team and how that got them "exposed" to her Where I live, unless you watch hockey or heard of the team, you won't know them and she doesn't

Anyways I got over that but then I started thinking about how she made it into the grade 8 hockey team ( I'm not trying to hate on her but I don't know how she made it because she loses the ball really easy.. like.. really, really easily.. I guess it's cause she pushes people away, good defensive play?)

So I started thinking about how she played my favourite sport for a team and now everytime I look at something related to hockey, I feel like this " my heart is sinking" kind of feeling rather than " omg I love this sport" I want to stop feeling this way just because she played the sport I goddamn like.

Plus she played ball hockey and I like/play ice hockey so yeah. But I can't shake this feeling off. I don't want it to be permanent. I loved this sport since the first time I tried it in grade 7. I played with kids older than me and it was that first sport I did well in. It helps me relieve stress and now it's becoming the reason i'm stressing.

In all honesty though, I don't know if it's thinking about her that's making me feel this way or if it's cause i've been watching the games non stop for the past 10 months so i'm getting tired or something.. I don't know. But I want to stop 1) associating her with the game or having it affect how I feel towards the sport 2) stop feeling this way. I'm sorry if it seems like a stupid question. I have a feeling this isn't me ocding over it though.. although that may play a factor.


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  • basically wouldn't it better 2 totally forget about HER?


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