Do you agree or disagree with these two identical quotes I provided here on the question?

"Any idiot can have sex with a woman, impregnate her and having a child but it takes a real man to be a compasionate and hard working father and a good role model to his kids"


"Any dumb broad with a good fertility can get knocked up by a man, get pregnant and give birth to children but it takes a real lady to be a nurturing, compassionate and hard working mother".

I think some mothers need to stop bitching and whining about how their life sucks raising children and the world "has to" help them with their struggles along with their sense of entitlement, as if all mothers automatically deserve special treatment just because they gave birth to children. As much as I dislike and have little to no respect for deadbeat, lazy and abusive fathers, I've never met any man with children, who has this sense of entitlement.

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  • A person's worth isn't defined by if they have children or not. Like obviously a "nurturing, compassionate and hard working" parent is preferable to one who is not. No one is going to disagree with that!

    Furthermore it takes a LOT of work and support to raise children. Why do you think there more single mothers on social programs than any other demographic? Abortions are not easy to get and there are more and more organizations working to stop women from being able to access them at all. Child care often costs more than one person can make on minimum wage. There are so many costs to children.

    It's also cheaper to provide social support for parents regardless of their status. A successful law abiding adult is more likely to go to college and therefor more likely to achieve a higher income which generates more tax revenue. We need to stop trying to constantly punish people for being poor like it's some sort of moral failing and we need to stop making sexist generalizations.

    If we hate "that" type of people so much, why aren't we doing more to help their children who did *not* choose their parents or life situation out of it? Why aren't we saying, "yeah your dad ran out on your mom but we'll still make sure you get enough to eat and can read so you have a better chance of succeeding in school"

    Head Start is consistently one of the biggest determiners of success in low income students, but also one that gets cut most often. You want these people to do better, but you want to strip them of the most effective tools at their disposal.


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  • Yes I agree. It's not rocket science in any way to make babies. People should be wise enough to only take that step if they are really ready to be mothers or fathers. If they don't they are literally screwing up a human life.

  • there are plenty of males who would try to cover up their dids by pushing females to abortion - they would use them abuse them and then when cornered with a pregnancy will try to talk their way out of it, or just run away from the whole responsibility all together. On the other hand there are plenty of predators amongst females who try to get pregnant and try to use the baby to keep men.

    Either way is cruel and is non concerned with the other party's wellbeing and choice. Needless to say that pregnancy and baby becomes an ultimate trade material.

    The way our society is, majority of mothers will get the ultimate right to up- bring and care for a child over males who fathered those children, unless in certain circumstance blah-blah-blah. And raising another human being can't be all roses - it is a hard work and a lot of effort, and sometimes the results are not that cheerful after all of the hard work. So I suppose this is the factor, we hear about hardships from mothers more than we hear it from fathering males. The proportion of women carrying after children is higher in comparison to men as sole carers of their children. Plus the difference between genders as it is - women are more emotional by nature.

  • I think the one key difference you're missing here is that a man who makes children isn't necessarily stuck with them if he doesn't want them. There are a lot of pressures that women face when it comes to not giving up their children, though, and some honestly think that, however hard it is, the kids are better with them than they would be in the foster system or abandoned -a man doesn't even necessarily know if he's gotten a woman pregnant. For what it's worth, I voted "agree".

    • In return a woman can abort, while men have no choice anymore bar to pay alimony. More freedom = more responsibility.

    • @FakeName123: Pretty much. It goes both ways if you think about it.

What Guys Said 2

  • Yep, simple don't want children don't have sex.

  • both are true. if you are going to make a living being be responsible for it. both of you.