I don't know what I'm good at?

I'm starting college soon. And people have always told me I should decide what I wanna do in the future. But I seriously have no idea what I'm good at. I've plans to study psychology, but I kinda suck at biology, as one of my senior told me psychology is like related to the brain. People have told me I'm good at Chemistry and Statistics. Any idea related to these?


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  • Do what you love. I'm majoring in physics, and physics was my worst subject in high school. I'm the worst physics student you'll ever meet, yet I'm majoring in it because I love it and put effort into this subject. My point is, do what you love and forget about not being good enough. What matters is if you put the necessary work and effort to succeed in that particular. This can only be done if you do what you love, even if you're bad at it. Besides, skills can always be build regardless of how bad a person may be in a subject. Good luck! ^__^


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