How to work better on communication?

My mom keeps telling me to work on it but I never bothered till now, I got C - in communication skills. I don't even know how, I get along with people fine and can be pretty funny some times. I don't know how I got C - and not only that but that dumbass teacher even left a comment on report card saying "poor communication skills". Wtf


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  • What does this communication skills course entails?
    If it has to do with English grammar then is possible to get a c despite being a social person. In contrast if it entails mere communication skills or talking with people then you should have done better as a social person you say you are.
    The communication skills i studied back @ the university had to do with grammar, concord agreement, ambiguity, etc which was kinda difficult even if you relate well with people or know how to speak English . Speaking of English is more or less easier when asked to analyse and correct errors in them.
    Chill out you are not the only person who has failed an exam.


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  • It can be that your teacher just doesn't like you. As in one of my test papers my teacher said I can't say/write right sentences, and she reread what I wrote and said they were correct, but tried her best to say that they were wrong.

  • The best thing you can do to improve your communication skills is to learn to really listen to pay attention and let the other person talk without interrupting.


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  • "dumbass teacher"
    "Wtf "

    You have your answer :)

    • That didn't really helped doe, you have your downvote 😊

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      It seems you wanted to insult me, I forgive you and wish you love and light to help you in your future life.
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  • I would give you a C, too, considering how you present your case in your first post. Unorganized and difficult to follow, never mind your lack of grammar. You can't express yourseld explicitly.

    What helps? Reading, lots of reading. Thinking, writing, socializing with people.

  • Well what are they basing that on?
    If you figure out the scoring mechanism, you'll be able to spoof it.