Is Verizon or AT&T better?

I am from the US

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  • I find Verizon much better here in the Detroit area and in Michigan. We have a cabin up in the middle of the state. With Verizon, I can call from the middle of the woods when I am in my blind hunting. I was unable to do that on ATT.
    But it will depend on your area as it really depends on coverage.
    If your in a big city's metropolitan area and don't leave it (or at least often) there won't be a difference typically.
    I am actually going to switch to T-Mobile in the fall because i don't get up to the cabin very often other then July 4 and hunting. So Tmobile is a lot cheaper and if your in a big city area, just as good.


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  • It really depends on where you live. I am staunchly AT&T because I've never had any issues with reception no matter where I go (in any state that I've been to).

    Verizon is a toss-up in this area. Most people use AT&T where I live.

    • Also, GSM phones can be used in any country, whereas all Verizon phones that don't use sim cards will be useless outside the US. That goes for Sprint phones, also.

  • My cousin had a At&t Gophone long time ago
    and she pulled in cell phone service in dead areas
    where Verizon couldn't do it.. I had just got rid of my
    Verizon cell phone carrier i wasn't even getting any
    bars while sitting in the house unless it was 3 G
    so figure that one out.. Verizon's 4 G sucks where
    i live in Southwestern PA..

  • att has better coverage in my opinion and if you travel having a gsm phone is a lot better

  • Neither. I'm not from the US, but T-Mobile seems to be the only kind of fair carrier, although I think you should stay away from the big four as much as possible.

  • Att for the win


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