Any mechanics here? I think I might have coolant in my oil, can you help out please?

So my oil seems to but a bit green and my coolant is green too. Is there any other signs or ways to see if i have a blown headgasket or crack in the engine block? My car needs a mass air flor sensor so it starts and stalls for now.

Anyone else?


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  • take it to a shop.

    • I will forsure, i just posted to make sure cause i don't want to further damage the engine.

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  • Sounds like a head gasket. If the engine block was cracked you'd probably hear some bad noises. Either way don't drive it with coolant in your oil. You'll ruin the engine. You probably wouldn't know for sure which it is unless someone got up close and personal with her though.

    • it's weird cause it does not leak coolant and as far i know, doesn't overheat, so I don't know what is going on

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    • Give her an oil change and see if it continues to be green. Maybe some got in the oil before it got in your car somehow

    • maybe, i'll see and do that