Do Germans like to talk about their country?

there is a german guy I like and I want to open a conversation with him. I don't know how to speak with him or how to approch him. So I am going to ask him about good places in germany and stuff it's kind of asking for his opinion about the places he likes in germany. He is the first german guy I know and my friends said that they like to talk in their language and talk about their country. so is it good idea to start a conversatoin with him about germany?


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  • Well... It's so cliché but go on and ask. You can ask him about the food or culture.
    Google a bit and read about germany in general so you have an idea what to ask and how to hold a conversation. Besides he will be impressed by your knowledge about his country... So brownie points ;)

    Good luck

    Ps. Don't ask about beer and leather pants...

    • Why? is that a bad thing? asking about beers and leather pants.

    • Cuz that's the culture of Bayern. If he is not from Bayern, it's just exasperating to explain.

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  • if they r patriiots... yeah


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  • Actually they do haha! I would do it. Plus starting a conversation with him about Germany will make him think that you're interested in him and his country :)