Has anyone taken this class in college?

I need to take philisophy 6 (logic in practice) over summer session (5 weeks) at a community college to meet a lower division general ed requirement for the university I attend, I was wondering if any one has taken this class and if so how is it in terms of difficulty? I'm majoring in art (illustration) so this material would be relatively new to me. The class is an introductory course by the way Thanks


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  • so u want a person who's into art?


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  • It is a lot like algebra...

    I am over 21.
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    You have to prove things like this symbolically. It gets more complicated, but these are the basics.

    Be on the look out if your professor brings up 'conditional' proofs. These can actually make the job easier for you, but your ego might stand in the way of using them.

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