Worst 24 hours of my life. What do I do?

So it started last night when we had a school dance for promotion. It was going well... until one of my friends started talking to the girl I like. This girl must have heard something that someone else said because the only reason my friend talked to him was because he knew I liked her. Either way, she got upset because one of her friends told her the only reason my friend talked to her was because she had a nice looking butt. The girl I like was crying, her friends and my friends basically are very mad. I attempted to fix things but it didn't really work well. So now I have nearly no shot with the girl I like. That is just in the first 3 hours.

Anyways, when I got home, I was quite upset and my parents were mad at me for grades and they yelled at me for an hour or so. Then I decided I would go to bed, but no matter how hard I tried, it just wouldn't happen. I was just in bed and could not go to bed from 11 pm to 4 am just thinking about everything that went wrong. Then when I got up, I was not exactly at my sharpest and screwed up quite a bit. A point came where my parents thought I took drugs. They think I took drugs (which I didn't) last night during the dance and are even more mad at me.

My aunt had some event planned, and I decided I would go to it to try and get this stuff off my mind. I puked twice there when the event had nothing to do with rollercoasters/diziness rides. I also nearly dislocated my shoulder. Then after feeling horrible, we decided we would get going at around 1pm. So on the way home, I realized I left my phone at the event and my parents had to call the Sim company and disable the plan and also my parents have grounded me for about the entire Summer (which starts in a few days). At this point im at 21 hours since everything started. I can't think of a any time anything worse that's ever happened to me...


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  • Wow literal sounds exactly like my school. What r the initials of ur shool? That's the only question I'll ask

    • HJH if u still think we r in the same school do it over message so others dont see

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  • I would just talk to your parents, talk to the girl and explain yourself. That's the best you can do at this point. Tell your parents about the dance, tell them you're fixing your grades and tell them you aren't on drugs. Also I know you might not want to tell the girl about your feelings for her, but it's better that what's happening now. Tell the girl about your feelings for her and explain that that's why your friend talked to her.

    • im pretty sure she knows about my feelings for her... can't really fix my grades cuz its only few days left in school year... i told them im not on drugs but they dont believe me... they didn't outright say that but they kept asking me are u sure u didn't take any... I've attempted talking to the girl many many many times... i never get it right...

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    • ok. thanks for ur heko,

    • heko lol what did i write... i meant help sry

  • Sorry to hear that man, hopefully it gets better and everything goes back to normal.


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  • lol you are too young to be saying that, just wait till your first girlfriend breaks up with you.