College Is just Illusion?

It's just illusion... and I agree. What you think?


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  • I've thought college/university has been a waste for a number of years.

    I work in law enforcement. And there are getting to be WAY too many cops who are overqualified. They have numerous degrees but can't get a job in their field. So they turn to policing. Good security, benefits and money. and cops are always needed.

    It's not nice to say but a lot of these overqualified are idiots when it comes to being a cop. To be a good cop you need common sense and more importantly, street smarts. In other words you can't be naive to the real world.
    A lot of the overqualified, do not have this. They have spent years studying. Being told and believing the world will be theirs. The problem with all this studying is if the answer isn't black and white, written in front of them. They are lost.

    This leads to a human resources manager who looks for the applicant who has the most degrees. Why? Because they can. They're thinking they have the best qualified for the job. They're not. They may be the most intelligent... but they are not the best qualified.

    I'm sure other industries have the same issue.

    Now what I've written does not apply to all cops. But it is a percentage that, unfortunately is growing.


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  • i dont think so.

    • watch videos before commenting!

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  • I think 'reality' is just an illusion

  • Yeah saw about half of the first one before I realized he does not seem to understand the changes in the Education field. It's one thing to write off an education after high school but completely different to say it is failing.