Should I smoke pot /hookah this summer?

Give me pros and cons and everything u know/ have experienced.
What was ur first time smoking like?
are orgasms better when your high?
is it legal over 18?
How do u know your high? What does it feel like?
how likely do u get addicted?
How dangerous is it?


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  • 1) First time smoking = fuzzy feeling and dizzy (but not in a bad way
    2) Orgasms are more intense when high
    3) It is not legal anywhere in the world over 18 (even Netherlands is 21, I believe.) It is legal and tolerated slightly in Colorado, Alaska, Oregon and Washington (USA).
    4) Best way to describe being high is that you're floating on water. Just light and buzzy, nothing intense (don't smoke a lot, one or two puffs will be just fine).
    5) Physical addiction to marijuana is impossible, but psychological addiction can set in after chronic (repeated) use.
    6) Marijuana is not dangerous to your body unless: there are additives to whatever you're smoking that you're not aware of, your lungs cannot handle smoke or you engage in risky activities while stoned.

    Please do not drive or put yourself at risk while intoxicated on any substance. It is not worth it. Hope this helps.

    For other drug questions you can refer to

    • Wow thanks so much! That was really helpful! Any tips for a first time smoker

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    • Thanks so much, MHO

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  • Well, if you smoke anyways, please at least smoke pot. Smoking cigarettes is so dumb in my opinion. You don't even get anything from it. It's like eating chocolate that tastes like cardboard. It still makes you fat but doesn't involve a lot of pleasure. So if you wanna do something unhealthy, at least do something that is unhealthy AND fun.
    Having said this,
    1. First time smoking pot was not very impressive. I didn't have a lot. I could hardly feel it. The first time I was really high was absolutely awesome. I think I've never giggled so much in my life haha :-). But other times there were also moments of great inspiration, thoughtfulness, the feeling of being one with the universe, enhanced senses (I could suddenly see and hear much better/sharper, intense feeling of love and friendship, horniness, sleepyness... one of the great things about smoking pot is that it's different every time (especially if you don't do it a lot).
    2. My orgasms were about the same. But sex was still awesome because I felt my love to my girlfriend so strongly that I almost started balling my eyes out during sex ;-).
    3. It's not legal unless you happen to live in Colorado, Washington, the Netherlands or North Korea.
    4. I guess it's different for everyone. For me it's like this: first, I get very dizzy. This is the uncomfortable part. I hate it but because I know what comes afterwards, I usually tell myself to just be calm and go through it. Sometimes I also get a mild headache. I start losing my trains of thought. I ramble on and can't find an end to my sentences. It feels a bit like waking up from a surgery. Then, after about 10 minutes comes the nice part. Suddenly, the headache and the dizzyness go completely away and I feel very clean and clear. My body feels very light when I walk, almost as though I was walking on the moon or even hovering. I feel like my thoughts are very sharp and all the things I've been wondering about suddenly make complete sense. Sometimes I become very creative. Pot is a typical mood-intensifier. This is why I ONLY take it when I'm in a good mood an only together with friends. I've smoked it a few times when I was alone and sad and it was absolutely horrible.
    5. Physically not addictive at all (proven), mentally: somewhat (like cigarettes)
    6. Depends on how much you smoke it. I only smoke it recreationally once in two months or so. I highly advise you not to smoke it more than once a week. It can mess up your personality and give you psyochses.

    • Thanks so much. Also, where do u but then? And how should I smoke it?

    • I used to get it for free from a buddy who happens to be a professional landscape gardener and grows lots of it in the big garden behind his house ;-). Now, I'm planning on growing it myself on the balcony of my girlfriend's and my apartment. I should say though that I am not American. I am from Switzerland and the penalties in my country are much milder than in the US. It's technically illegal but if you are an adult and you just use it for your own consumption (no selling/dealing), the police doesn't care too much. It usually gets you a small fine and that's it. In some parts of the US you can go to jail, just because you possess some weed. Don't buy it from seedy people, they might punch it.
      How to smoke it: imagine it's your first time sex. Choose a happy situation where you have a lot of time (e. g. free afternoon) and where you and your fellow smokers don't get interrupted. Take it slow. Take deep, slow breaths (puffs won't actually make you high). And take breaks in between.

  • First is it legal in your area? If the answer is no, then do not do it EVER until it is legalized. The penalty for smoking pot is higher than the penalty for rape thanks to that retarded war of drugs program.

  • What was ur first time smoking like? It was pretty bad, I coughed a lot and didn't get high.
    are orgasms better when your high? Yes. So much better.
    is it legal over 18? Depending on where you live, yes.
    How do u know your high? What does it feel like? You'll know when you're high. Trust me, everyone does, it feels like everything's better I guess lol.
    how likely do u get addicted? Not very likely, but I know addicts.
    How dangerous is it? The herb itself isn't dangerous (some long term effects), but I've ended up smoking chemicals and plastic by accident as a by product of my habit, and that isn't healthy at all.

  • if u r over 18 u can smoke yeah


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  • The first time you smoke, tbh it probably won't be great. You'll probably just trip out about how different everything feels and go to sleep haha so I suggest against smoking a lot. Perhaps just take one puff off a jont and see how you go. Smoke more if you can handle it. It's really about working up a tolerance. I haven't smoked in about a year. But I used to smoke a lot. It got to the point where I'd set aside 2 grams to pump through in about ten minutes JUST to get to sleep. That was my bedtime stash haha.
    However, even though I was a heavy smoker, if I didn't smoke for a good week, and I jumped on the billy again it would hit me like a mofo and I'd be stoned off 1 cone.
    I like the buzz. That's fun. When you're all giggly and more entertaining. It also really depends on what strain you have. Some can stimulate you, some can make you zombie out and just want to eat and sleep. When I'm not smoking regularly, and I have too much I don't like it at all. My body feels fucked and I feel like I can't control my arms. I trip out because I don't know if I just said something or imagined I just said something.
    Smoking weed isn't dangerous. If you do trip out bad, always remember that IT'S JUST THE WEED! Remember that it will wear off soon, and the best thing to do is embrace it, or go to sleep knowing you'll feel better when you wake up. Seriously, a 20 minute nap will stop the greenout haha
    My best advice is to start slow. One puff of a joint, then another if you feel like it.

    • And sex is better while high. I feel like I'm a lot better at it, because I don't worry about silly thing like how I look or if I'm doing something right lol I like to pretend I'm a porn star when I'm having high sex.
      But I can't get horny on other drugs tbh. Coke will slay my sex drive.

  • I know a guy who got herpes from smoking from a hookah. Dont smoke just because other people are doing it. Its lameeee.

  • I don't find it attractive , haha

    I heard hooka is just as bad as cigarettes... Not sure

  • One of my family members is a psychiatrist and they've treated many people who have had pot trigger schizophrenia, I wouldn't do it myself.

  • its not very good for you.

  • Don't do it. It's stupid.