Muslims? why would people think that you treat women badly?

i am a christian and i have really intrested in islam after i read about a woman who said she was studying about how "bad" islam is but she ended up converting to islam because it was peacful, so why would people think that your religion is bad to women? when it obviously isn't? i am thinking of convertig my religion so i need some help in understanding how are women really treated?
this one is called:What Makes Women More Special Than Men?

i loved this one sooo muchhh <3

and this one is called:Don't Yell at Your Wife - Mufti Menk
and i found this pic in a website https: //www. fotor. com/show/9cf9fe9dfe3845fa97bb9f048e77ceca? lg=en_US

and then i found this picture which even proofs more love and respect to women


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  • "trusted" media outlets like the national geographic doing only documentaries like burned/enslaved woman of the Middle eastern world. I honestly can't trust anything American media says these days. All driven by the government in order to promote war or control the masses.

    • Trust me, it's not just in America, back in Europe is the exact same thing.

    • yes i can feel that everything they say is just to make all humans turn against each other

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  • You should look up the Muslim doctrine of taqiya, which tells Muslims to lie to infidels (that is you and me) to conceal anything about Islam that the infidel might not like.
    There is nothing peaceful or pro-female about Islam. Open your eyes and look at what happens in the Muslim world.
    Read the Quran. In at least 109 places it commands Muslims to kill infidels. Non-Muslim women are referred to as 'war booty' and are to be used as sex slaves.
    As a case study, look up what the Muslim Moguls did to the Indians. During several centuries of occupation they murdered tens of millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains in hideous ways.
    Look up what the Muslim Turks did to the Christian Armenians between 1915 and 1922.
    Look up what happens in Muslim countries today. In Saudi Arabia, people are put to death (sometimes crucified) if they are found in possession of a Bible.
    Religion of peace? Not a freaking chance.
    Finally, look up Mohammed himself. He was a paedophile (his wife Aisha was six years old FFS), a rapist (he kept sex slaves), a mass murderer and a thief on an industrial scale. Islam teaches that this paeodphile was the 'ideal man'.
    Rather explains the result that you will get if you put the words "Muslim pack rape" into a search engine. Try it.

    • actually prophet mohammed was married to aisha when she was a child but if you cared to dig deeper from the shallow mind of yours he never touched her and in fact he raised her not to mention the fact that back at the time marrying a 6 year old wasn't a crime like now and she was 9 years not 6 and as i can remember all the old stories contained lovers of ages 7-16 in the old stories such as romeo and juliet showing it was normal and i have visited saudi arabia and i had my bible? no one told me a thing?

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    • And then we have the Catholics. Where 3,000 sexual abuse cases can be found dating back at least 50 years. Most of it pedophilia. Hell, the Popes themselves were involved in a few cases.

      But just because the Pope himself did these horrible things, does that mean all Catholics also believe its ok? No, not really.

      But you dont see anyone pointing fingers do you?

      Well, yes we do. But Western religions get a lot less negative press then other religions. Government, although should be separate from church and state. Really isn't. So media takes the role of making sure that it remains so.

      So please, do not assume that a few extremists represent a majority. Although, you are more then welcome to have your own opinions. Some of the stuff you posted about islam is enlightening. Sadly, religion is more gray then it is black and white.

    • @evilrubberduck thankkk you for talking in a very civilized and a logical way

  • I think your taking it a bit too far when you say no Muslims treat women badly, you can find people in any religion that treat their women poorly, and atheists as well.

    However, there is shariah law, that is, well not particularly good for anyone, but definitely bad for women.

    Under shariah law, a woman's testimony is worth half a mans

    Men are allowed to beat their wives even if they just think that she's getting an attitude or is not following orders

    Women who have sex out of marriage are whipped, and if she cheats on her husband, stoned to death

    None of these are just traditions, adopted after the prophet died, but come straight from him. However, if you live in the US or any western society, none of these things are permitted anyway, as shariah law holds no grounds there. I do think many western muslims would prefer that it did, but that's another story. I think muslims respect women, but when they're told in their book to act this way, that overrides any real respect that they have

    • i don't literally mean no man treats his wife badly i meant if he is following the religion and then shariah law wouldn't allow men to hit their wives in a manner of actually beating them i have asked about this and it is mentioned that the hit shouldn't cause pain or a mark on her skin at all like just a veryyy slight one like when siblings fight , and women and men are not allowed to have sex outside of marriage therefore they aren't treating women badly? and from the videos and the "suwar" in the quran it shows that islam realllly values women now whether it is applied or not it got nothing to do with the religion itself

  • The whole 'equal rights for Muslim women' is a bunch a bunch of crud.
    The Quran specifically says how women are to live and it isn't our place to go around changing cultures and religions; if the women don't like there religion they can leave (it might not be easy in some countries but that is more of a political thing). Not to mention the whole headscarf thing is a regional not religious practice. Christen women are supposed to cover their heads too, that's just how things were at that time and in that region. But it has obviously stuck with some religions better than others...

    • in islam covering hair is a religious thing, yet nobody forces them to wear the hijab cause they are actually respected

    • Actually, it stems from the cultural practice of that region. You see, in Christianity and Judaism, which both happened around the same time in the same place, women are instructed or ridiculed for not covering there heads. We than see that the last of the Abrahamic religions, Islam, also has it as a rule. That should make you think.
      Now if we look to what the cultures, which as you know is separate from religion, were like at the time of these religions formations we find that women commonly wore head scarves. That allows us to conclude that it is a cultural and regional practice that just so happened to stem in to religious practice.

  • Last time I checked, they're obligated to cover up, not live in the same house as males unless they are married, etc etc. It's a whole bunch of rules that just seem weird. Mostly having to cover up your knees and stuff is what gets at me though. Implicit victim blaming at its finest.

  • Because it does not coincide with Western understanding of treating a woman good. Islam puts a great deal on the society, rather than individual, thus woman is important in her family, rather than her individuality. She's supposed to obey her husband. Here's the problem about muslim communities, while Islam also instructs the men not to abuse it because their woman cannot say no, muslim men usually disregard this fact and go extreme.
    Summary: It's about adoption of social viewpoint regarding women, not individual. Noone can argue it's socially good for people to sleep around, the argument is always "it's their choice".

  • Islamic extremists treat women poorly. However in Islamic scripture women are seen as men's equals. So REAL Muslims view women as equal radicals view them as slaves. The media, unfortunealtly only portrays the extremists which leads to a lot of undeserved hatred for the relatively peaceful Islamic faith

    • well extremists don't seem to follow islam rules so they shouldn't be representing islam from my pov

    • Exactly I'm trying to say extremists do not represent Islamic values. They use fanaticism as an excuse for violence. They do not follow any actual teachings of Islam which are In the same vein of Christianity and involve peace an acceptance

  • You speak of equality. I would be curious to see how far a woman can progress economically or within the society while choosing to be unmarried.

    • i know a lot of muslim friends who aren't married...

    • I know thats a vague answer

  • not all muslims treat their gals badly... :|

    • none seem to treat them badly

  • why you only intrust in muslim why not in other religion

  • Islamic countries more strongly promote gender roles, which is commonly viewed as the enslavement of women. Western countries also don't understand the origins or reasons why gender roles developed and often ignore that men have been in gender roles as long as women.

    In western countries we have more money for technology that has freed us from having to rely on a man's strength to make a living. If we lost all of our technology and suddenly had to go back to plowing fields by hand then people would understand why women in those countries have also fought hard to keep gender roles alive. Islamic countries still haven't reached that level of success. Gender equality is a luxury they simply can't afford in many Islamic countries yet.

    In those places it is the man's legal obligation to take care of the woman. If she gets a job the man has no right to her money. It is actually a very good deal for women until times get hard. Then the men get desperate and have to pass laws that women can't have jobs so that the men can uphold their legal responsibilities to the women. The richer a country gets the less they feel a need to force men to protect women, so gender roles start to relax.

    • but that is the countries rules or whatever but it isn't islam? there is a difference, and idon't think the country being rich or poor have to do aything with protecting women

    • It becomes a part of their culture and after a while people stop being able to tell the difference, much like how America is seen as Christian. Christianity and Judaism have similar rules that are now over looked as they just don't seem as important in the modern day as those countries don't require men provide for women anymore.

      There is a huge difference in rich and poor when it comes to protecting women. Especially when the culture legally requires the man to provide for the woman, but there aren't enough jobs available for both the men and the women. Then they have to give advantages to men in the workforce in order to make sure men can fulfill their legal obligations. Some of the Islamic countries have older women that use to run businesses and are very educated. Once the economy collapsed and violence increased women wanted protection, and men needed to be able to meet their legal obligations to provide for women so they reverted back into more strict gender roles.

  • I believe that you're actually a muslim, trying to support the heinous acts done by your religion by saying ' I am a christian'. The 'holy' practice of taqqiya where you lie anyway to convince other people to embrace Islam. Good luck trying to clean up the image of Islam but it won't work on people who have a bit of common sense and general knowledge. And by the way thanks for Al-Qaeda, Taliban , ISIS and all the other gifts youbestowed upon this modern world where every community is moving forward instead of the Islamic community.

    • i am a christian lolllllll , i am not convincing anyone at all to "embrace" islam in fact my question is not even for you i said MUSLIMS i am asking them not you and qaeda taliban isis and all that shit they ain't muslims at all

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    • and arabs and muslims are two different things, so if anything happens to arabs it won't affect islam and nothing will happen to arabs or islam mark my words :D

    • wait and watch

  • Read ur comments and everuthing, and realised there's no point advicing u. U seem to be prejudiced and moreover blind.
    Go ahead n prepare urself to wear hijab, to not talk to any other male than ur husband (who has the right to even marry endless number of women if his choice and leave u at any moment), to get death by stones for talking to any other male. May ur public/social life rest in peace!
    PS: discrimination is so much tht girls are not even allowed in the their holy place mosque ( for which I know u will hv some shitty explanation!)
    Go ahead! :)

    • PS : I know not all males treat girls badly, but most of them do. I know similar things exist in other religions as well, but not till such an extent.

    • read your comment too seems to be that you are blind, there are a lot of muslim girls in here who talk to males and don't wear the hijab, and girls are allowed in mosques as i have said i visited saudi arabia and i have been into a mosque so you are talking shit

  • Islam treats women equally as men. They have all rights, women have great respect in our religion. Wish I could help and guide you more but can't appear here. :/

    • thank you anyways :)

    • No problem, I am happy for you. :)

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  • What do you think is a better indicator of truthfulness? Words or actions?

    If actions, then look to the places where muslims are the MAJORITY. None of them generally treat women respectfully. 9 out of the 10 worst countries for women are muslim majority countries.

    There's a reason for that: (written by a muslim imam)

    The actions of muslims where they are the majority back these words up.

    Further, almost every muslim country implements sharia law in it's family court system. Even in so-called moderate muslim countries like Malaysia. Under sharia, if a man wants a divorce all he needs to do is say or text "I divorce you" three times and he gets everything, including full-custody of the kids. What does a woman have to do? She must go through the court system, and everytime she goes the mullah won't grant it to her.

    It's called "talaq." Look it up.

    If it is just words you trust, then go ahead and believe that muslim propaganda.

    For someone so interested in islam, i'm suprised you never bothered looking into it's core doctrinal sources - the Quran and Sunnah of mohammad. If you did, then you'd realize Islam is a wolf-in-sheep's clothing religion. Kind when weak, cruel when strong.

    by the way, on Christianity, muslims believe that jesus was born a muslim and never died on the cross. You were never much of Christian if you can so easily dismiss a core tenant of Christianity.

    • no he doesn't i have read that when divorce takes place the house and all the money and so must be given to the woman under no circumstances can he kick her out of the house unless if she cheated on him and he must spend on her and her children therefore she is taking her rights

  • people most of times like to talk badly about stuff, whatever it is, when they are ignorant about most of the facts. that is called being close minded and poor in spirit. We should never preach hate, only love. and before badmouthing anything or anyone, inform ourselves 1st or we will look like prejudiced idiots. neandertals. and not homo sapiens sapiens as we are supposed to be. I am Christian Catholic by the way. I have known very kind peaceful muslim people. and very kind atheists and very kind christians too. whatever people Ugh

  • It depends on traditions/ culture

    In some culture women are not given much choices. That is often confused with religion.

    • hmm good point even though we shouldn't mix

  • Yes women in the middle east, are just so free and independent, and are always treated with great respect and kindness. For example when they can't leave their house without a man, have to be covered from head to toe, or get their faces burned off with acid :)

    • this is a very stupid answer because middle east isn't all muslims that's number one and number two they are independent and are treated with all the respect and kindness as you can see and they can leave the house without a man and they don't have to cover and nobody or islam doesn't ask them to burn women's faces with acid

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    • lollllllllllll honey no trust me you are blind

    • I think this conversation is over. You are clearly ignorant and refuse to realize the truth. Keep living in your pink world of happiness, I hope you one day grow up and figure out the truth.

  • Can't speak for all Muslims, but the only one I ever dated had a very low opinion of women. He was very smooth at talking me into bed (I was in my 20s) but then he completely changes and expected me to. Demanded I be submissive in public and not speak to my friends. Needless to say, that ended the "relationship"!!! Could be isolated incident, but his friends were rumored to be that way as well.

    • yup he could be bad but he doesn't represent islam at all

  • love this post!