Myer Briggs Personality. Which are you?

Alright. So Myer Briggs Personality. Before I devil into which one are you. Let me explain it to those who may not be familiar with it.

Myer Briggs is a personality assessment that is based on how sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking you are. After you are done taking the test, it places you in categories like

Are you more...

Extroverted or Introverted

Sensing or Intuitive

Thinking or Feeling

Judging or Perceptive

Now if you don't know you can always just go ahead and click me to find out. No harm done. It usually only takes 15 minutes. Although I recommend taking the test more than once.

This test gets a lot of mixed reviews. Some say it's accurate. Others say it's a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Some say that it's accurate to an extent.
Now my question is which one are you? Do you think that the result that you got is a great representation of you, or do you feel otherwise?
I Personally got ENTP. I feel like it does a good job describing the way I think and my reactions to stress. I also find it kinda scary on how accurate. Like, I find debate to be a stimulating game, and conflict to be means to acquire a more larger understanding of a subject. It is especially accurate on how difficult it is for me to understand emotional investment. So my question to you. Which one are you? is it accurate?


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  • I did it before and got INTP - The Logician

  • I get ENTJ pretty much every time. Yay I'm rare and I'm a leader.

  • I have always been a strong ISTJ.

    • I know a few ISTJ's. They are a breath of fresh air. :D

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    • Oh, phew!~! Well, just a bit ago, I sincerely tried to help this girls, and she just mocked what I wrote, called me "stuped" and blocked any further comments from me! So, I guess, I was thinking the worse.. Well, nevertheless, I love the conversation we have had about this. And I feel like you really understand me. SO refreshing!

    • Thats the difference between me and her. She was a girl. I am a women.

      I'm glad you feel connected to another human being! Sadly, that is me. But don't fret! I tend to be good company, definitely refreshing. I dont like doing the same thing twice.

      Unless it's food, and sleep, and reading. Then Ill do that all the time. Consistently.

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  • I used to type and an ENTJ, but now I come up as an ESTP and I feel way more comfortable with it :)

    • Haha that's such a drastic change of types. weird how it works that way though :)

    • I think it was the one test that everything always had us use. Once i started using different tests I came out as an ESTP regularly.

  • i took it a few times and got a different one each time...

    • Really? Can you remember which ones you kept getting? or was it just all of them?

    • I don't remember exactly, but I took it like 3 times and I got 3 different ones.