Do you life to suffer?

am i the only one who thinks self sacrifice and suffering is a good thing for someone to go threw like since i was seven i have been threw a lot more shit then most people but not as much as other people i know someone all ways has it harder but i would say i never had it easy i always had some bullshit going on in my life but i never blamed anyone but myself but i think its a good thing and i would't go back and changed anything that's happen to me cause i believe its made me stronger tougher better person and i also feel that i can understand peoples suffering and feelings more better as well so anyone feel the way i do?

do you life to suffer?

  • no one should suffer
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  • yes i could see why it would be a good thing
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  • i understand i have suffered before i feel stronger!
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  • i feel you should suffer more!
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  • i don't know how i feel about this
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  • i never had to suffer don't know what it feels like
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do you like to suffer?


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  • It's great that you were able to come face your adversity and become stronger after facing it. I think everyone has been through some form of adversity, but not everyone comes out through it stronger. Life is tough... really tough. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to come out of their "battles" stronger, but I believe the hope is that for those who can't make it through, hopefully they have people around them to lend them a hand when they need it. Because everyone needs a shoulder at some point. Like the great Ali said: "Even the greatest has to suffer sometime".


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  • It depends on the type of suffering. I don't necessarily like suffering, but I feel as though everyone should go through some type of suffering to not only make them stronger as a person but to make them more grateful for the things and life that they have. I've dealt with a series of struggles and had to grow up fast but I don't regret or wish I could take back any of it. It has made me so much of a stronger person and I have the ability to empathize with others dealing with the same types of struggles. I'm also more grateful for what I have.

    I VOTED C!


What Guys Said 4

  • you can't shape iron with out fire and hammer. This concept pretty much was one of the major philosophies of nordic culture and mythology, especially when pertaining to Odin. I personally was abused as a child and without it I would not have become who I am today. It was terrible at the time but it forces you to become stronger and wiser. The worse the situation the greater the push to evolve, whether thats on a spiritual/mental level or physicaly. In fact the very reason why humanity exists is because of a global warming event that was damaging our ancestors habitats and forced them to become something else entirely in order to survive. I'm glad to see others have realized this as well and its not just me.

    • "you can't shape iron with out fire and hammer" this inspired me great way to describe it and i agree i think most people who had to endure are wiser suffering really beats you down and all your left with is your thoughts of why so it really makes you think so you become efficient and you cut out all the unnecessary bullshit from you're spirit and mind and you become strong

    • Its rather ironic, people who have had minimal suffering seem to fear it, those who've had a lot seem to except it and use it just like any other tool. The more you suffer the more you realize its not suffering, its evolveing.

  • Suffering is bad for you.

  • Adversity either breaks you or makes you stronger. I've always felt that self sacrifice is one of the things that makes a man. Making sacrifices for your family or dying for your country, are a couple examples. It takes a selfless person to make sacrifices for others. It's something I've always strived to be like, because I view sacrifice as the pinnacle of masculinity. That's just my own personal view of what makes a man.

  • No, I don't. Is it a part of life? Yes. Is it impossible to avoid if you actually live? Absolutely. The point is, take it as a learning experience, or at the very least have a level head. Don't let it break you down, no matter how hard it is. I don't know what you personally have gone through, but I guarantee you there is always some way to look at it. Maybe not a positive way, but a less negative one, if that makes sense.

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