Why doesn't society acknowledge learning disability stigma as a legitimate issue?

Pretty self-explatory.

(This isn't an essay. I didn't provide evidence nor support of my claim. There are a plethora of scholarly articles on 'learning disabilites stigma' if you like to know more.)

We talk about empowerment of minorities such as women and races. Yet, society is indifferent about learning disabled people saying that it's a survival of the fittest. Every citizen should be allowed the same opportunity. Minorities should be empowered for they can succeed. How can be people so inhumane and indifferent. It's disgusting and totally selfish.
Sorry... I got carried away. :(


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  • The difference between when my sister went to special ed and the 7 years later when my brother did were astronomical. My sister got teased about it until she "ran into" the kid who made fun of her but no one ever said anything to my brother. So while it's still an issue, I think it is getting better for the kids.

    As an adult you have the Americans with Disabilities act to back you up. If anyone in the workplace gives you problems DEFINITELY bring it up to your boss using key words like: Federal law, federal legislation, federal investigation, and lawsuit.

    • I wasn't inform of that thanks.

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    • Will do!

    • Good luck!

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  • These areas are slow journeys of change but there has been progress. When I went to school you were just a "bit slow" now you are checked for things like dyslexia, autism, ADHD etc... You talk about stigma but all other things were progressions as well women couldn't vote a 100 years ago , blacks used different bathrooms 50 years ago. Of course you want everything to be changed now but hopefully future generations will look back and say I can't believe it was ever like that.

  • I think we do see it as a legitimate issue.

    As bad as this sounds. i really don't care much for it, because life is survival of the fittest.

    • In an ideal society, there is no need for survival of the fittest.

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    • I think we should to just agree to disagree with our opinions :)

    • Fair enough. You helped me understand another perspective. Thanks. :)