When no one ever actively contacts you unless they want something. Is that a sign that you are a boring person?

I notice that the only people who actively contact me are because they want some information / advise from me. or they are courting me. no one ever contact me just to hang out for real friendship.

I can't help but start to think I'm a boring person even though I'm always being told I'm funny and that I'm a few of those people who can make inappropriate jokes and get away with it.

How do I fix that? How can I have people reach out to me for real friendship?


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  • You have to start doing what my step dad calls "tending the garden". If you want friends you have to out work into reaching out to others as well. Like you could make friends on here by talking with people who post on questions that interest you. Or you could sign up for a class of some sort that you think you could meet other people at. The possibilities are endless :)

    • That's good suggestion. I'm very active at the gym, but I could possibly look for something else to expand my circle. I did make some friends from the gym. however it feels like when I don't text / message them they would never text me. When they see me in person they are always excited to talk to me but once I left the gym I feel so alone. So i can't help but think I'm doing something wrong.

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    • Some of them do text back pretty quickly if I have a question. He's never let me down, however we never hang out in person nor would he reach out to me. Some girls from the gym never actively contact me unless they want to ask for my help.

      May be everyone would run into this kind of issue? one girl who appears to very popular and well liked and invited me and her friends to drinks to celebrate her most recently achievement. Guess what? I was the only person turned up.. I was shocked as she seem nice and popular...

      Ironically online friends are those who maintain longest friendship with me... I did meet up with some but they live in other state. Or else we could be hanging out

    • I think it is pretty normal to have things not work out but that's life. It's great that you went out when you got the chance!

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  • Are you a dark person? I know you said people think you are funny and all that, but how do you feel?

    • Dark as in emo / goth? No

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    • I am not bashing you. Initially I thought you might relate to something, but then you were commenting how SOME people get nonstop texts as if that is some kind of measure at all. I don't see you intellectually being too capable based on how shallow innature your concerns are. You are worried about appearances and so rest my case.

    • When did I talk about appearance? The other girl is saying "Everyone is like that. People are indeed egoistic beings" My impression is her saying people never contact others actively cos they are egocentric. When I talked about text (forms of contacts) I meant NOT everyone are egocentric as there are people who do contact others actively.

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  • Everyone is like that. People are indeed egoistic beings

    • but some people seem to have non top text or calls going to then. May be they have better social skills?

    • Ugh... amazing...