What Is Your First Thought When You Look At This?

I was whatching Lexx the other day and noticed something odd. So I want to know, what's the first thing that comes to mind when you see this?
What Is Your First Thought When You Look At This?

  • Ahhh what a beautiful dragonflehh!!💓
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  • Wtf? That's a Dick Ship!! HAHAHAHAHA~ 😆
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  • Yes, and those things aren't an accident. Creatives Directors have a fondness for making things into penis shapes. I guess it is fun for them. I have seen it in Ads, Movies, and General Creative all over the place. I used to think it was all by accident but one of the creative directors at my ad agency told me that it was not. He thinks it garners attention in ads so is a good thing. He said that in movies and cartoons it is just fun. Disney movies are rife with "hidden" penises... do a google search to find a few of the more amusing examples

    • Holy craponacracker! So as a child I had dicks shoved into my subconsious? That explains a lot.. xD

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  • Every ship has a cock pit so why not look like one

  • I think all our brains in same place judging by poll.

  • Lexx was an organic ship, so they made it look like a giant dragonfly, and no, it's not a "dick ship", because the wider part of the ship is a command bridge.

    • I'm aware of that. My question was not. "What is Lexx?" As I, like you, have seen the show. My question was what is the first thought that comes to your head when you see this when you look at this.
      And I'm aware that that is supposed to be a giant dragonfly, he was grown by ingesting organs from the protein bank on the Cluster to be used by His Divine Shadow.. had you paid attention instead of being worried about sounding smart you would have seen the first option on the pool.
      The whole series are ridiculously sexual, from Zev's role as a love slave always relying on her sex-apeal to get what she wants to 790's sexual roll troughout the whole show.
      My point was: did the Creative directors purposfully put a sexual charge on the ship or was it just a funny coincidence?
      So next time you try to sound smarter than you are please refrain from doing so. You'll just end up looking like a nacissistic douchebag.

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    • Well, I'm glad your oppinion is diferent from mine. And that you're not as much of a douch as you first seemed..

    • Thank you :D

  • I thought it was a giant microphone. Then I saw it's 2 microphones joint together


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