Should I move out of my parent's house?

I don't have money or a job at the moment. I'm a student and already have debt to pay...

My dad and I got into a fight a couple days ago, he said I should "wash my mouth with acid" and I lash out at him causing a bruise to the back of his head. He did try to sucker punch me, which speaks volumes of the person he is.

This is a toxic situation, I don't ever feel happy at home. I've tried being friendly to my parents but it always ends in confrontation.

If I go out too often they'll ask me to stay in more... if I stay in too much they tell me I should go out more... Nothing I do pleases them.

I told my mum I passed my exams and all I get was a half-hearted "that's fantastic".

My parents can't even sort out my accommodation for next year.

Should I leave?

They want to speak to me at 3 pm today...


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  • why do ur parents need to sort out your accomodation?
    and why is there a need to move out like now?
    money is very important with no money you can't go anywhere

    • Well like I said, I have no money and I'm in debt.

      Sure, they don't have to sort it out, but that means I'll have to leave University because I can't be expected to travel 6 hours every day there and back.

    • if you have not start looking for part time job, please do so now.
      there must be a way out there

    • I've handed my CV out to countless shops... I've had nothing.

      I handed my CV to this leisure centre to be the new lifeguard, they seemed to like me because they said they would call, but I haven't heard back from them.

      I'm already under police caution, and I'm afraid what happened between me and my dad will happen again. If it happens again, I'll be on trial.

      I'm fed up of this household, I'm fed up with the way they treat me... they never listen, they never understood.

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  • Dude.. before u leave do a lot of research.. What do u wanna do with ur life? What u could do for a living for the time being? Aim for big stuff but keep ur goals small.. For the time being b4 u leave u should try to gain some connections.. By connections I mean BIG people... WOrk in clubs.. join a band maybe... Paint! WHat CAN U DO? WHAT R UR TALENTS? work on them... AND lastly... do u have enough money to sustain ur self for a month or more... f u dont have these figured out u r gonna DIE if u leave... Fights happen in families chill... take it easy.. ur parents want u to go out more.. stay out and study and come back only at night to sleep or eat... they will be happy and u will be too.. surround urself with positive energy,, use the internet for all the good reasons.. and chill... remember if u go out once.. u shudnt come back once u r successful or settled or till u have ur shit together... :)
    Hope this helped...

  • You need a way to financially support yourself to move out... or is there a friend or relative you can stay with that will support you?

    • No, not that I know of.

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    • 2 years. I can't risk staying here, I'm under police caution... It's bound to happen again and I don't want to go on trial.

    • Well the only option is to find a way to receive an income sufficient to support yourself -can you do your studies part time and find a job?

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