I had the weirdest dream?

Well i had this dream a long time ago but anyway,
So i went to the bathroom and saw a short old lady with the BIGGEST eyes like literally her eyes were 75% of the size of her face and they were green and wearing all black so i ran to the living room and sat on the table and my mother was infront of and i was just about to tell her about what i saw but then the old lady came in the living room and literally brought her hand and scratched my knee and i was like "mom help!" And my mom somehow knew that lady and didn't believe me and said "clara dont be rude!!" *i'm clara* and then i woke up with my knee hurting sooooooo freaking much and i could still feel the scratch.. And i still remember that lady's face


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  • Sounds like the Owl with the big eyes in "The Fourth Kind" movie. Watch the movie. It will make you think twice about your "dream". It is worth noting that the movie was based closely on a true story from Alaska. Worth watching.
    The link below should be the trailer.

    • No no no is that a scary movie? Because im the worst with scary movies.

    • Yep. Scarier because the events in the movie supposedly really happened. In the credits at the end of the movie, they show footage from the actual incident. Some of the footage in the movie and the recordings are the actual event too. It is about a town in Alaska where a group of people are plagued by dreams of an Owl and people with Big Eyes, unnaturally big eyes. Turns out to be alien abduction. Even if you think the psychologist in the movie is nuts, you can verify that there were the incidents she described. The police reports are on line. The events actually happened... that is what is really scary

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  • people are psychological beings mostly
    the power of the mind is enormous on us
    you had such a lucid dream that your nerves on the knee were triggered by your brain after her attack
    it doesn't mean anything
    also you may have yourself scratched it without knowing it
    i once hit my head in a lucid dream

  • I'm pretty sure that means you were sleeping...

  • Among the dreams I have classified as "weird," this doesn't even scratch the surface. But anyway, I don't see a question. Do you have one?

    • Im wondering what it means? And how did my knee actually hurt when i woke up.

    • You must have hit your knee against something, or perhaps it was even self inflicted.

      What does it mean? Probably nothing. Pain can cause all sorts of interesting thoughts, and the eyes can mean simply that you like big eyes, or your own eyes, or that you are insecure about your eyes.

      Dreams don't really try to "tell you something" they are just the brain trying to connect random thoughts that occur during a deep sleep.

      They can provide an interesting way to analyze yourself in the same way that Tarot cards and astrology do. They force you to look at things from a different perspective and teach you more about yourself by asking questions you wouldn't have asked yourself otherwise.

      You can ask yourself what eyes symbolize to you? What do they represent in a deeper level? What might the fact that your eyes were big have to say about that symbolism or representation?

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