Are American women really horrible at treating men mutually well and with respect while the American men are just ass/arse kissers for society to?

jump on their bandwagon along with their desperation for women's acceptance?

Every time I watch and read the American social media, it's always about a woman acting aggressive towards men and getting away with it because of how pro-women the US is and the American men defend these women, legally letting them get away with their poor behavior. I was just watcing a Youtube video about an American MMA figther being interviewed about how he got in trouble and received a lot of backlash for retaliating against the female MMA figther Ronda Rousey (or whatever her name was) by trash talking back at her after her hostile remarks about him. He received backlash for it because the gender card being pulled in that situation. I've read one comment (most likely from a man) on youtube about how the male MMA figther is being a "coward" for trash talking against a woman (yeah, against the #1 ranked female MMA fighter in the world). Here's a video of what I was talking about:

I've also ran into a few American male visitors (in my country, New Zealand) who've told me about how god awful bad the American women are and how idiotic many of the American men are. They've shared me their stories on how one of them had an ex-wife who either legally got away with domestic violence or get's a huge slap on the wrist by the law which are their reasons why they often come to my country so often to avoid the bullshit from their country.

Is America (United States) really this Pro-Women and Anti-Male?

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  • Lol! America pro woman? XD WOW. I want to know the people you do dude XD

    AMERICA the Country where:

    The best women's soccer team in the world can't get any regular season games on TV.

    3 women die every day at the hands of their domestic partner.

    Women consistently make less than their male counterparts and it's only worse if you're a person of color.

    Women are more likely to die from domestic violence than anything else.

    Yeah. Not exactly looking too equal atm. Guys have problems too but are we living in a female centric society? LMFAO no.

    • Why should we care about female sport? it's pathetically bad, it doesn't deserve screen time, if people don't watch something, it won't be aired. It can't be gifted attention.

      For the same work women earn the same as men, this has been federal law in the US since 1958, the wage gap is calculated as an overall for sector. Look at university graduations, women are choosing low paying degrees, they don't want to do engineering or law, this isn't a discriminatory problem, it's women making bad choices.

      Men in the US are victims of domestic violence every 37 seconds (women every 23 seconds) so it isn't far off, women are weaker thus more likely to be hurt. And look at child abuse statistics, women are the main perpetrators, i guess humans in general like to beat up things weaker than they are.

    • Sorry just a quick comment on womens football anywhere in the world. The problem womens soccer has is that it is not properly supported in comparison to mens soccer. In other words if women want equal footing with mens soccer then they are going to have to go to the games, buy the jerseys show the tribal support men show. Women I find have no real intrest in competitive sports anyway. With the fifa scandal things might get better for womens football in the usa hopefully. Sorry to bore u with sports talk.

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  • No the USA is still very anti-woman. It's the land of extremes, so there are strong anti-women and anti-male sentiments in society.

    USA is so backwards compared to other developed Western nations. If I hear them speak it's like going back in time.

    • Just out of curiosity, are you from the United States or from another country (don't worry, I'm not going to verbally attack you if you're an American woman)?

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    • About domestic violence where men are the victims. Who do you think ridicules men that are the victims of abuse? Who? You know how many times male officers walk away after being called over a domestic dispute where the victim is male? Same things happen to homosexual men who are in a violent relationship. I've seen it with my own eyes how other men ridicule any men that shows a sign of weakness, and being the victim of abuse is weak and weakness is a femine trait. That's the reason why so many men are afraid to come as victims of physical, mental and sexual abuse.

      I feel really sorry for those men because they're not getting help and coming out because of the fear of ridicule.
      About Tyler Kost: I feel very sorry for him and I hope those girls will be punished and spend time in jail. But you will always have PEOPLE who falsly accuse others and abuse the law. How many black men have been found unguilty after 25 years or longer in prison?

    • But again like I said in my first respons: so there are strong anti-women AND anti-male sentiments in society.

      I don't get why you guys focus only on the anti-women part. Pfff.. you American men are not any different from American women. You really deserve each other!

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  • People raise their daughters to expect men to do everything for them and treat them like royalty while the sons are conditioned to be macho and chivalrous in the sense that it is their lot in life to protect and provide for a group of people simply based on their gender. I don't agree with it but that's just the country I was born into. Believe me it's just one of many problems I have identified with this country.

    • It's good thing thing I don't live in America then (and sorry to hear that you have to constantly deal with this social bullcrap in your country). New Zealander women actually know how act like ladies and treat men with true equality unlike the women in your country if that's how the majority of American girls really are.

    • If women in your country really want to be treated with equality and taken seriously as grown adults, then they need to accept responsibilities for their own choices and actions and not pull the gender card or rely on men so much when things don't go their way.

    • I wouldn't say that im chivalrous or that I was raised to be macho or protective of females but I do feel an instinct to be this in my DNA. My fiancee and I do instinctivley fulfill certain traditional gender roles in the relationship but not all of them. For instance she had developed a nesting instinct in our new home in preparation for our 1st child. I think people are too hung up on traditional gender roles. There are a lot of women who only want equality when it suits them ie paying for meals etc but not that many

  • I think American women treat men with fairness

  • I think it is

  • Dating American girls is great.

  • I have liked a few American women, but from experience I've always gravitated to women of other countries. I don't even do it on purpose, they're generally nicer and more feminine than American women.

    • People often say how women of all Western countries are the worst girlfriends/wives to have or the worst women to deal with in general but it really only seems to be American, Swedish, British women that receive most of the heat for this.

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    • Pretty much. Excuse my foul language but based on my observation experience with American women, most of them seem to be loud-mouthed, violent cunts who wants to have things both ways and have everything handed to them from society simply because they are women. I never really saw them as relationship nor marriage material to begin with.

    • Not all of them, but you have a good point I'd say the majority aren't dating material

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